Webinar! Accelerate Automation Driven Development

By Aarti Sharma September 28, 2018

Accelerate Automation Driven Development

Welcome to the world of Automation Driven Development. Qualitia, the pioneer in script-less test automation, announced a new offering, Design Studio, which promises to help enterprises accelerate high-quality software application delivery through its innovative automation driven development approach. 

High performing teams are always looking for ways to accelerate the Time-to-Market. These teams struggle to keep pace with the dynamic market demands, hyper active agile sprints and management of DevOps pipelines. More often than not, automation takes a backseat and does not achieve the expected coverage.

Design Studio Enables Automation Driven Development

You can accelerate time-to-market with up to three times faster automation development and significantly high automation coverage.

To know more about the latest release check the recording of the webinar here.

Design Studio has Some Exciting Capabilities

  • Collaborate - Minimize gaps between requirements and implementation
  • Reuse - Think of reusability while developing requirements
  • Manage Change - Manage change efficiently and effectively
  • Be In Control - Track Progress. Identify gaps.

Webinar Recording: http://bit.ly/2DDoyIC

We hope you enjoy the recording!